ribondo accessories

ribondo is the new all-in-one system for self installation in Baths, leisure and spa facilities. The associated barring and key blanks, key boxes with optional laser inscription (numbering) as well as installation tools provide a concerted complete solution designed for maximum durability. With the ribondo system you are independent and can respond quickly and flexibly to your requirements. Modern colors and high quality materials ensure maximum customization and comfort - Sign up now for your free ribondo sample kit.

Barring and key blanks

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The barring and key blanks made of durable polycarbonates can be handled easily and have maximum grip despite their high stability and guarantee maximum hold. All surfaces are rounded therefore - the risk of injury from protruding and sharp edges is minimized.

Key box


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The key box provides safe storage of the attached key, thus reducing the risk of injury by free hanging keys. The key box can optionally  be engraved via lase in form of a numbering optional (hammer tool for supplementary numbering).

Riveting pliers


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Thanks to the ribondo riveting pliers, a self-installation of wristbands and the corresponding rivets doesn't present any problems.  By simply Clip pressing, barring and key blanks can easily, safely and tightly be fixed to wristband - without sharp edges and sharp corners.

ribondo Plastic

ribondo Nylon/Perlon

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