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  • ribondo premium plastic wristband

    High quality and antiallergic manufacturing quality for new hygiene standards and maximum sense of wellbeing in spa, leisure and spa facilities.

  • ribondo nylon/perlon wristband

    Optimized quality for improved dimensional stability and high tensile strength.

ribondo – more comfort for your wrist joint!

Bath Bracelet Black

With our new ribondo system we can present a professional and high-quality solution for wristband for locking systems and wardrobes destined for baths, fitness & leisure facilities, sauna & wellness and many others.

Compared to conventional solutions, the appeal of ribondo lies in its excellent manufacture quality with maximum color fastness as well as in the highly flexible and ergonomic characteristics. It is available in two versions. Nylon as a finely woven wristband with high strength of shape and tear resistance, and the version plastic on the other hand, which meets extreme quality and hygiene standards thanks to its high-quality hypoallergenic premium plastic material. It is therefore also suitable for sauna and salt-water bath. Both versions have a high-value stainless steel closure which guarantees maximum hold as well as an easy opening and closing.

ribondo is an all-in-one system for self installation. The corresponding barring and key blanks, key boxes with optional laser inscription (numbering) and mounting means offer a concerted complete solution designed for maximum robustness. The wide choice of modern colors completes the product range..

ribondo Plastic

ribondo Nylon/Perlon

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